Botox’s function in stopping neural signals and freezing the facial muscles

Treating the signs of aging with botox injections has become quite a common thing and is often the theme for jokes on television shows and in magazines and especially over various websites all over the internet. The word botox is usually associated by many people with getting younger. Many people tend to believe that this treatment process can only be afforded by the wealthy people and the celebrities. It is a known fact all over the world that the effect of botox or botulinum toxin injection is quite fast and provides excellent results. Some of the others believe that Botox is a miracle drug that makes you look young for the rest of your lives. In simpler terms, Botox treatment is a synonym for forever young skin and face. Many people, who undergo this treatment, buy botox 100 units online so that their treatment does not stop due to unavailability of the drug.

How wrinkles are formed

So how can we find out what Botox injections really are and what they do to make us look younger for a while? Would the patient come face to face with certain hazardous health risks and side effects? Let’s first learn how the entire treatment process works. Why do you think you have lines on your forehead and wrinkles around your eyes? If you know why these signs of aging occur, you will surely get a grip on the entire concept of botox injections and how the toxin works. Our face has a total number of 52 muscles. These muscles usually overlap each other and because of this, it is very difficult for even doctors to understand which muscle is working where, and which one is creating a problem. The muscles usually contract and expand on a regular basis, many times during a single day. This is the same in case of everybody, every day for the rest of their lives. Due to this continuous contraction and expansion, at one point of time, certain wrinkles and lines will develop all over your face. If your muscles did not move constantly, these wrinkles would never form. But that is not actually possible.

How botox works

Your body contains certain chemicals that carry the neurological signals or impulses from the nerves to the brain and vice versa. This signal makes our facial muscles move. If, in any case, these signals are stopped and they are not allowed to reach the brain, then these muscles in the face will cease to contract and expand. And the only way you can stop these signals is by using botox. Botox, one of the many Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements, is a diluted form of botulinum toxin that prevents the signals from being delivered to the brain. Due to this, no further wrinkles occur, and you look as young as you were before, because the first wrinkles may also start to dissipate. To freeze only our facial muscles and not any other muscles in our body, botox is used in the form of an injection, and injected at specific areas only where the wrinkles have formed.